Publications plus

Hayward’s journals offer a unique platform with which to reach an audience of GPs, nurses and primary and secondary care specialists. With dedicated distribution plans, each journal can be tailored to target particular groups or specialists. Placing an advertisement or sponsored supplement in one of our journals can showcase a product or highlight the latest developments in a particular therapeutic area – with the knowledge that the journal is both widely read and valued by its readers.

Hayward has also gained a well-earned reputation for running innovation awards, which provide recognition to healthcare professionals for excellence and improvements in care, and help to spread best practice to other units around the UK and beyond. Some awards ceremonies are linked to our journals, while others are run as a stand-alone event. Either way, supporting an awards ceremony can raise awareness of a disease area and related therapeutic advances, while also generating goodwill among the medical profession.

If your needs are more specific, our experience and expertise mean we can find the right communication channel for you – from a letter to a flyer to an e-alert, or even something unique – and deliver your message to its target audience.

To find out more about how we can help you, call +44(0)1638 723560 or contact us here.