Medicines personalised for Tom, Dick and Harry

Dorothy may have finally got home to Kansas, but are we doomed to keep following the Yellow Brick Road?

If the Wicked Witch of the East’s ruby slippers had been several sizes smaller, would Dorothy have been destined to remain in the Land of Oz? Just as one shoe doesn’t fit all, a particular drug will not necessarily provide the same benefit to everyone. We spend our lives wanting to be treated as individuals and not mere statistics, and yet the one time where it is beneficial to be considered part of the crowd is when we lie smack in the middle of the efficacy bell curve, basking in the warmth of statistical significance with no sign of a stopping rule on the horizon. However, as we wander about the curve plateau, we peek over the edge and dimly are able to make out those outliers ahead of us near the bottom of the steep gradient in whom the treatment has exhibited phenomenal efficacy, and we wonder why that can’t be us, never mind those who have not been able to climb the curve in the first place.

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Gary Paterson PhD Evidence & Information Manager Hayward Medical