Hayward at the “Communications Team of the Year” competition

Hayward Medical Communications prides itself on its considered approach to client needs and makes a conscious effort to spend the necessary time required to provide the best possible solution. So on the 12th of October, when five members of our company took part in the PharmaTimes “Communications Team of the Year” competition, we were thrown in the deep end with anchors around our ankles as we were set the challenge of creating a proposal in just two hours.

At 10am we were shuffled into a conference room and handed a three-page document describing a fictitious pharmaceutical company seeking a big idea to increase uptake of their drug which targets two fictitious conditions. Knowing the clock wasn’t in our favour, we made quick work of trying to understand the two therapy areas and the place the drug has in the respective markets. Then the adrenaline kicked in and we hit the flipchart to begin brainstorming the ideal approach for this budget-limited company. A myriad of ideas were thrown around ranging from high-tech innovation to those which made use of our journal publications. We worked together effectively to decide upon a neat proposal package we could tie with a bow and deliver as a big idea to raise awareness of the conditions. The last 30 minutes saw us scrambling slides together as we delegated tasked and each tackled critical aspects of a comprehensive proposal.

Our two hours were up at midday but before we could enjoy lunch, we entered a boardroom to present our proposal to four Alan Sugars of the pharmaceutical world. The delivery of our presentation took 20 minutes was accompanied by knowing nods and occasional quizzical glances from the panel. This marked the halfway point as another 20 minutes of questions ensued which probed our understanding and rationale behind the proposal. Each member of the panel was knowledgeable and experienced in their respective field; they were able to offer praise as well as valuable insight into different aspects of our ideas.

Our experience ended with some very cheesy team pictures being taken and we made our way home. We look forward to the awards ceremony on the 9th of November where we will find out which team won – fingers crossed it’s us!